We are a share holding association company, formed under the umbrella of the new Egyptian law (#8 for the year 1997) which is tailored to provide business incentives and guaranties to foreign investors in Egypt.
Our chairman is Mr. Mahmoud Fahmy who owns 81% of company shares. Turnover in the year 1999 was one million US $ and we employ around 80 people including our sales and merchandising team.
Kazrouni Co. owns 3000 sq. meters of land 50% out of which we can use for buildings, with a maximum of 3 floors, this means, potentially the capability to construct 4500 sq. meters of building.
Our current working structure stands on 1500 SQ. meters. We have access to high quality Egyptian cotton yarn, cheap labor and penetration to the Egyptian market,we also enjoy a proven track record throughout years of successful
operation and experience in doing profitable business in Egypt.
Last but not least, we enjoy a complete tax holiday granted to us by the Egyptian Government till December 2009.

In order for us to meet the challenges of the fast moving and growing business in Egypt and the forthcoming GATT imposture, we are seeking foreign partner who is willing to participate through providing any of the following:

The know how to develop our current resources to help expand our market share.
The machinery and equipment to assist us expand the volume of our production and or diversifying our business.
The marketing and distribution network to assist us export our production.
We also may consider representing or becoming an agent to our partners in Egypt by providing facilities, support and most of all a sound and solid reputation.
If you feel you can benefit form such partnership,
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