About Egypt
Egypt, mother of the world, was once described by Herodotus, the Greek historian as the gift of the Nile This great river, the Nile, which starts its journey from the slopes of the Ethiopian Mountains, brings great prosperity from the heart of Africa to the banks of its valley & Egypt's Delta in the North.
Its rich black soil together with its moderate, Mediterranean climate gave birth to the great Egyptian civilization as well as the finest cotton in the world, knows for its long staple,which helps
in the production of the finest strongest cotton fabrics. These factors came together to make Egypt the highest quality producer of fabrics, knitwear & hosiery made of pure natural cotton. This same great Egyptian cotton gives Kazrouni's five socks their enviable dual qualities of strength and softness, Unmatched anywhere in the world
Kazrouni Co. is considered the socks market leader in Egypt.It was established a century ago in the year 1875. in the present Kazrouni is producing under the F&G brand name, the best quality socks in the market made of 100% pure Egyptian cotton, which affords the maximum strength, coolness and comfort.